Taste of North Central


MOC_HouseThe Montachusett Opportunity Council, Inc. (MOC) was established in 1966 for the primary purpose of promoting the well being of low-income people in the cities and towns of North Central Massachusetts. MOC continues to fulfill this purpose through providing direct services, collaborating with other public and private entities and by applying comprehensive strategies that help to address the complex issues of poverty.

MOC has been providing quality services to alleviate poverty in North Central Massachusetts by:

  • Improving the overall health and well-being of individuals and families.
  • Helping to improve and maintain residents’ self-sufficiency.
  • Building a sense of community and collaboration among service providers and residents.

In past years, MOC provided services in 30 communities and served over 20,000 individuals.  To carry out that work, MOC provides services through our three Divisions: Child Care & Head Start; Housing & Community Services and Nutrition & Wellness Services.  MOC delivers a variety of services including childcare, education, nutrition, training, health, community services, asset development, energy conservation and housing & homelessness services.

How the Taste of North Central Fundraising Dollars Assist Our Communities:

Over the past year, private fundraising dollars raised by the event have contributed to MOC’s ability to serve more than 25,000 individuals in the North Central region with $89,000 of those dollars spent to support programming in MOC’s service area, including:

  • $16,000 to support direct rental and utility client assistance
  • 15,000 to support MOC’s Financial Education/Asset Development/Tax Assistance Program
  • $16,000 to support MOC’s Programming at Green Acres, including the Homework Center and Summer Camp
  • $16,000 to support MOC’s Summer Jobs 4 Youth program that provided 72 youth with employment opportunities
  • $26,000 to support case management services

Please visit our website at www.mocinc.org for more information.

Please support our Tenth Annual Taste of North Central Event.